1:1 Thrive Program




In my unique, signature 1:1 Program, we take a 3-step approach to address your bio-individual needs through clinical, energetic and emotional perspectives. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping you achieve true health and happiness!

Customized 3-Step Approach

Step 1: Grow

We evaluate your symptoms and nutritional needs through a clinical perspective with a comprehensive nutritional analysis, food & lifestyle journal, and a thorough health history.

Learn more about Nutritional Therapy here

Step 2: Nourish

From an energetic perspective we investigate which particular systems are under stress; whether that be from potential deficiencies, toxicity, emotional or energetic factors. 

Step 3: Thrive

Metaphysical Counseling allows us to identify and release limiting beliefs, false identities, stored trauma, core wounds, generational/societal conditioning, and energetic/emotional blockages.

Our work together will help you gain a solid foundation to create not only a sustainable lifestyle, but a life you LOVE! You’ll gain tools that will last you a lifetime and become even more in tune with your Authentic Self, allowing you to live life on your own terms!

Are you ready to start THRIVING?

Your 3-Month Program Includes:

Initial Interview & Consultation

Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis x 2
(Before & After)

Report of Findings Call & Care Plan

(6) Bi-Weekly Follow Up Sessions

Dietary Reviews

Educational Resources

Quantum Cellular Testing

Metaphysical Counseling

15% off Professional-Grade Supplements

Free Shipping on Other Qualifying Supplements*

Unlimited Support Through Direct Messaging

HIPAA Compliant Online Portal

Investment Structure

Your initial investment includes a deposit of $397, followed by 3 monthly payments of $300, plus the cost of supplements if needed. Note: flexible pricing is considered on an individual basis.

After your initial 3-Month program has been completed, you may choose to continue services as a program or on an as needed basis.