Welcome to Thriving Rebel! My practice focuses on helping you achieve true health and happiness by creating balance and harmony within your physical, emotional, and spiritual body – as these things are not separate, but rather an intricate system of energy weaved together.

I use Quantum Healing to restructure the cells of your body and reprogram the messages of your subconscious blueprint for maximum potential.

Quantum Healing allows you to pave your own path forward, reclaim your authority, and create a life you love!


  • I had been experiencing unexplained stomach pain for 8 years. I had seen countless doctors, and yet none could give me a reason or even help me in any way.

    After 6 weeks of sticking to the program and lifestyle, my stomach pain was gone and I was in complete disbelief!

    I had lost weight, increased my energy, my skin tags disappeared, my swollen lymph nodes had decreased in size, I was sleeping better, my digestion was great, and over all I had less aches and pains in my body!

    I had no idea this was possible!

    Amber, Germany

  • I am amazed at how well these tools work – and how EASY it is for me to connect in with my inner guidance! It has honestly changed my life. I’ve been able to discover and heal so many hidden emotions that I didn’t realize I was holding on to.


  • You have really changed my life. I have never felt so good or confident in who I am – ever! I’ve always been someone I’m not because of past experiences and I have always had such low self esteem. I could never picture myself feeling or living this life, feeling so good about myself, if it weren’t for you!